About Us

MRYM Active Wear

From the Founder

Having moved from Jordan to Canada and back again, I’ve come to realize that there is an alarming variation in the way women are seen and treated in different parts of the world. I was blinded, at first, by a sheltered and privileged life that granted me the freedom to do what I want. Coming back has opened my eyes and shown me that women are still second class citizens in many parts of the world.

MRYM was founded with the passion to liberate and motivate women all over the world to be strong, be proud, and be unapologetic. My line of athletic and athleisure wear is designed to fit your body in ways that make you comfortable and confident enough to claim the pride and power that’s always been yours.

As an activist for women’s rights and humanitarian efforts in third-world countries, as well as my own community in Jordan, I hope to make a difference in women’s lives wherever I can, starting with MRYM.

In developed countries, we are given so many opportunities to chase our dreams and live the lives we imagine for ourselves. We owe it to ourselves and to women all over the world to be our best. To you, that might mean pushing yourself harder at the gym, or it might mean making moves across the world to help those less fortunate.

Love yourself, love your body, get motivated, and build your strength. Most importantly, don’t let anyone tell you what you’re worth or what you’re capable of. When women put away their differences and come together to support one another, there is no corner of the world we can’t reach.